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If you are interested in becoming a better recreational diver, or more of a Technical, Cave or just an Intro to cave diver, you will need scuba diving skills to match your ambitions. Keep in mind that your training can also be done in Sidemount configuration. If you are already diving in sidemount, then our Xperienced Diver pack is for you!


If you haven't already, but would like to have a Tech diver certification via the sidemount route, then go with the Essential Sidemount Diver pack. I strongly recommend you get some experience in sidemount configuration and sidemount diving prior to signing up for our Xperienced Diver or Essential Tech Diver packs.


Cave and Technical diving does come with some risks as it is often done in a hostile environment, so it is imperative that your scuba diving skills and knowledge are rock solid, so you can enjoy some of the best diving in the world.





While scuba diving centers offer a quick route to basic diving training, their limited schedules may not give you much time to practice your core skills in the water. That is where I come in with my Scuba Coaching Service. I offer tailor-made courses, excursions and workshops, lasting from one to seven days, or more if you need it, and focus on any particular skills you need to work on. Sidemount scuba diving is my 'Most Wanted' pack!  Ask for more info.





Whatever scuba diving courses you take, the time you spend practicing after your training, is more important than the time you spend in the classroom. "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

You'll get back what you put in - so Train Well and Dive Better. After all, if you are diving in some of the best spots in the world, don't you deserve to be the best too? As I said already, there is no substitute to time spent underwater!


Puerto Aventuras, Mexico and Essential Scuba Training are here to help you join that very elite group of advanced recreational and/or technical divers, with the best Trim, Buoyancy and secret Propulsion Techniques.


Contact me and I will sort out the best Essential Plan for you!

The philosophy behind Essential Scuba Training in Mexico, is that to progress in anything, you need a strong base to work from. With so many "quick" diver certification courses around, it can sometimes be a challenge to gain these essential scuba diving skills. I specialise in sidemount scuba diving and cave diving, the New and fun way of diving, so I suggest you have a good look around before choosing your instructor. There is no substitute for time spent under water and this 'rule' applies to all, instructors included. Experience is fundamental for safe and fun diving. Check out how you can improve your scuba diving skills with me. I do also enjoy teaching single and/or backmounted doubles.

Essential Scuba Training aka Diver Coaching

Essential Cave Dives Sidemount Diver Essential Cave Diver

All courses can be taken with any sidemount-only diving equipment or backmounted configuration - ask me for more information and Read this Article to see what I am talking about.

Scuba Coaching Services

The Importance of Good Scuba Training

Train Well and Dive Better

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All training shot with

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Keep this in mind:


You pay me for training, not for a certification. The c-card fee is included in my price and you'll get it, if you successfully complete training.


Be assured that I will do my best as a local and legit cave instructor, to bring you to the level you are being trained for.


Be aware of the 'visiting' instructors who are not aquainted with the local practices and/or local caves and often work illegally.


Contact me for more information.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you ( for the excellent experience and training during my February 2014 Cave Diving Course(s). As a diver with almost 30 years experience I've learned to get my training only from professionals for whom I have received personal recommendations from people I trust. That's why I chose you and Essential Scuba Training you came highly recommended and I must say you lived up to the billing. Cave diving isn't for the faint of heart nor is it something that should be entered into on a whim. It's serious diving and I appreciate your professional, thorough and detailed approach to training. Your knowledge of the local caves was amazing - something that only comes with years of careful detailed study and exploration.


Even after 30 years of diving, I still have a lot to learn and your video analysis was a great help! It also made for some great shots! I really feel I learned a lot and look forward to putting your instruction to good use in the future.


BTW - I really had a great time as well - thanks!"


Best Regards,



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Here is what John had to say about his training and experience after taking Fullo Cave training with me.

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