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I definately would have liked it even more if someone could have filmed the entire dive. After so many years spent underwater, I can't imagine what it would be like to sit back and watch myself doing my first fin kicks underwater, with a small scuba tank and fancy bright orange neck-collar jacket aka Fenzy!  I don't even have a photo to remember those early days of underwater exploration! :(


So that was it, the bug got me very early and I decided that I was going to spend my life teaching scuba diving. I became a CMAS and a PADI instructor in 1995. After many years teaching scuba diving, I really needed to do something a bit different. Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to do an 8 to 5 job in an office, no, that’s not me! But one thing is certain: I didn't develop a water allergy and I now enjoy some new sides of scuba diving, like Tec diving, cave diving, advanced wreck diving, and of course, underwater filming.


A few years ago I was introduced to cave diving and got addicted for the second time! It was a real eye-opener. My cave instructor, Steve Bogaerts, took the time to review all the essentials of scuba diving with me. Since then I have managed to log over one hundred cave dives and had time to become proficient in stage, DPV, survey and sidemount. As an intern with three of the best cave instructors and explorers in the region, it is easy to achieve my goal of beoming a Full Cave instructor. It is a long and demanding process but the journey is worth it!


Since then, I've decided to share my knowledge of advanced skills and gear configuration, both in backmount and sidemount configuration. My main focus is building the strongest base possible to prepare you for overhead scuba diving courses, which are the main ceritifying programs here in the Mayan Riviera. I work hand-in-hand with a few select PADI & IANTD instructor trainers, and highly qualified instructors, to continue my own diver's education. I am proud to say that I produce the best preparatory course for you to be able to star your cave diver class and dive safely in one of the most demanding and hostile environments a diver can be in.


Ever wondered how cave divers swim effortlessly, correctly trimmed, with spot-on buoyancy? Well, that is all down to the Essential Diver Skill Set!


Essential Diver Training Mexico was born from an idea taken from Overhead diving. Cave diving was the first form of technical diving and has now become a reference point for the core skills that need to be mastered before going into a cave, or overhead environment.

This is where my Essential Diver Training program comes in. You will be taught in either  sidemount configuration or the more conventional backmount, with a Recreational Diver version or a Technical Diver version, in the fresh water Cenotes or the warm Caribbean sea.


This base will bring your skills to the level required for any Technical or Overhead courses I offer.


As both a TDI and IANTD instructor, I offer courses that are highly demanded in the current market, but as I believe in the value of training, I also do non-certifying workshops.


So, make Mexico your advanced diver training playground and we'll show you all its hidden treasures and you will have the best time ever!

See you soon!

My name is Jason Renoux, I've been in living Mexico for five years now and found residence in Puerto Aventuras. I operate Essential Scuba Training as an Advanced Technical Training facility based in Mexico with partners in Malta, England and Southern France. It is much easier than to be in an office downtown Playa del Carmen! Have you guessed why?


I was born in Marseille, France and grew up in Guadeloupe (FWI). This is where I took my first step into scuba diving, in 1991. I will remember my first dive all my life. Not because the scuba diving instructor was a lovely mermaid-like woman, but because I had finally found a place where I felt "home"... A place of silence and wonder, where life floats around you and blinds you with all its colours.

Current Projects



I am working with various friends on different projects. They all relate to cave diving so nothing surprising here. :)


Cave Exploration:


System Tajma Ha - Alan Formstone 2010

System Ek Be - Mauro Bourguignon - Patric Widman 2011

System Sand Crack - QDT/DRSS 2011 - current

System Doggi - QDT/DRSS 2012 - current

System Caterpilar - QDT/DRSS 2012 - current

System Nohoch Pek - QDT/DRSS 2013 - current


And various other little poke around dives, as any good cave diver do, if it goes, you've go to go and take a look!





Scuba Essential Training does more than simply paying the bills. This concept is designed to change the way scuba diving is done today. There are no shortcuts for pleasure divers, only quality and excellent value for training. Since the day I became a cave diver, and then a sidemount cave diver and explorer, I realised how much training is underestimated. Yes, we all want the 'c-card' quickly but we should not be ready to by-pass proper training, or cut corners.


This is why I came up with Essential Scuba Training. Let's get back to the drawing board and start from scratch. First, by constructing a strong core on which all the following courses will be based on. Divers go nowhere with poor training.


All too often, resort dive shops, simply take divers for a 'guided dive' with no emphasis on skills and training. This really is all down to the human factor again, aka the instructor. If you love scuba diving like I do, you'll understand what I am trying to say and you will probably look at your training path in a different light. If it's the case then, I'm happy, as the message is clear.


Enough with the 'taking you for a ride' kind of dive. It's time to take your hobby seriously and make the most of it!


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TDI Full Cave Instructor

TDI Stage Cave Instructor

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IANTD ART Instructor


GUE Cave 1 Diver

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