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Advanced Nitrox Diver

Here you are, nitrox diver, at the beginning of a new era in your scuba diving experience! Why is that, you may ask? Well, simply because you will now need to develop skills that will take you further than the recreational limits of scuba diving, as well as using a different mix, not unknown to you though, of Nitrox or EANx Enriched Air.


It is in fact a Nitrox course on steroids! Or the Essentials to Tech diving.


This programme is designed to extend the diver's knowledge of diving with O2 mixes of up to 1.5 PO2 and teaches one stage cylinder decompression techniques. It further develops diving skills and provides a greater understanding of oxygen use, as well as the Nitrox diving concept.


Gas planning is paramount during your training to become an Advanced Nitrox diver. Because your dives can lead up to 15 minutes in total decompression stops, it is a sort of overhead diving, called virtual overhead. Direct access to the surface is not possible due to necessary deco stops. There is no need for a fancy nitrox computer as your dive plan is made with a deco software and laminated, or copied to your wrist slate, along with a primary and secondary depth gauge and timer.


So while it is important to understand this concept, it is even more important to grasp the content of dive planning:


  • How much gas do you and your dive partner need to complete the dive you want to do?

  • How much reserve gas needs to be considered? (rule of thirds or minimum gas)

  • What is my personal gas consumption? (Calculate your SAC or RMV)

  • Adjust your plan according to your limitation in decompression time: fifteen minutes deco max!


All this takes the recreational diver onto the first step of the technical diving ladder. So it is vitally importatnt to have  above average dive skills. During the first day of the course, we will go over the Essential Diver skills and make sure you are ready to go ahead into more complex dive planning.



  • Must be IANTD Advanced Open Water

  • Have logged 15 logged dives (25 recommended)

  • Must be Nitrox diver

  • Must be Deep diver

  • Minimum age 15 years (recommended 18)


Course Limits:


  • Decompression diving to 42m

  • Maximum of 15mins of planned decompression

  • Dive using any mixture with 21% to 40% oxygen content for bottom mix

  • Use of a decompression mix at a maximum of 1.5PO2 (max 50% EANx mix for deco)




  • 4 dives

  • 1 day theory + Essential Diver session

  • Total duration – minimum of 3 days


Nitrox Diving

What eqipment do I need?

You will be using technical diving equipment and will be trained to use it according to the standards set for the Advanced Nitrox diver with IANTD. In fact, you will be considered an apprentice Tec Diver!


We are grateful for the evolution of dive gear configuration and trial and error means we are where we are today. Bill Hogarth, founding father of the Doing It Right, or DIR, equipment configuration came up with a set of rules and tools to use during any scuba diving experience. Today, we are still using the essential principles of the DIR philosophy. Would it be in backmounted doubles or sidemount configuration.


  • A tank configuration of your choice: sidemount vs backmount

  • One primary regulator with a seven foot long hose, plus an LPI inflator for your BCD.

  • Your secondary regulator would have a normal length hose with a necklace bungee.


That would be it for your tank set-up. A series of extra tools, such as cutting device (2), one light, reels and spools as well as lift bag and/or SMB.




If you consider buying any of these prior to joining our training programs, please, contact us as we may be able to advise you on what would fit your needs best and save you lots of money.


What does it consist off?