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Essential Full Cave Diver


Essential Scuba Training is the right place in Mexico to learn cave diving. All included.* Taking on cave diving class will bring your scuba diving skills to a whole new level. All is done in finess and perfection. Your buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques will be put to the test. Join me now! This course is modular. Cavern, Intro and Full. The complete course takes at least 8 days.

Daily rate at US$225

*The price includes training, student manuals, certification fee, transport to and from Puerto Aventuras to the cenotes, tanks (with Nitrox32), weights, drinks and snacks, as well as entrance fee to the cenotes.


You need to be certified as a Intro to Cave Diver with any recognised agency and be ready to face one of the most fulfilling scuba diver training programs you've ever taken. There will be hard times, there will be good times but in the end, you'll get to be part of the elite of the scuba divers.
Plus, you'll get to dive in some of the nicest caves there is in the world.


Full cave course from zero takes a minimum of 7 days (and that is if you master all the basics of cave diving - trim, buoyancy - propulsion techniques) otherwise, it takes at least 8 days.

Combo pack:
Combos can run from Cavern diver up to Full Cave or, it can be taken by modules.

Contact me for more information.

Equipment requirements:

It is always better to dive with your own gear, the one your set for. You would enjoy the dives more, rather than use some gear you are not used to and have to take time to adjust to.

Whatever configuration you are using, the training is always better done in gear you are familiar with.

The water temperature is 25C or 77F all year round so , up to you to dive dry or wet.