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Stage Cave DIver


With the Stage Cave Diver course, you will be able to extend your penetration in the caves while carrying an extra cylinder. This course is aimed at a beginner cave diver who has at least 30 logged cave dives in various caves and with different level of complexity.

The training is based on already acquired knowledge. Due to it's nature, a stage cave diver, goes further into the cave he or she has decided to explore and will be exposed to much more factors during the dive than a basic cave diver.

A brief review of complex navigation is included to make sure all protocols are known by the team.
If some retraining around complex navigation is required, an additional day is needed.

A complete set of basic cave diving gear is needed plus a stage regulator with a 71cm long hose, a 90º elbow (no swiveling turret), a 6 to 9 inches HP hose with it's own SPG. Make sure to have all units the same.

As for the thermal protection, considering we'll be in the water for much longer, do make sure to have sufficient protection against hypothermia. Dives can total of 180 minutes at a time.

A medical, release of liability plus a student record file will be filled on day one, along with settling the payment method.

Daily rate: US$250 - ALL INCLUDED