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For those who  want to venture in the caverns or simply learn what we call 'overhead protocols" this course will help you understand and develop the skills necessary to prepare the right equipment and also learn the adequate diving skills to engage in safe cavern diving.
Cavern Diver
Welcome to the highest level of recreational divers: advanced recreational trimix as it says in the name is a trimix course for advanced recreational divers.
Advanced Recreational Trimix
The foundation program for safe self sufficient diving. The IANTD Advanced Nitrox program covers the core skills from the technical diver training programs including the use of dual outlet single cylinders or twinsets with central isolation manifolds and decompression skills and procedures using bottom mixes upto 40% nitrox and decompression mixes upto 100% oxygen to a maximum depth of 42 msw (140 fsw).
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Cave Training Camp and/or guided cave dives, all included* for ONLY US$265/day. Book now ;)
Combo Cave Training
Essential Scuba Training is the right place in Mexico to learn cave diving. All included.* Taking on cave diving class will bring your scuba diving skills to a whole new level. All is done in finess and perfection. Your buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques will be put to the test. Join me now! This course is modular. Cavern, Intro and Full. The complete course takes at least 8 days.
Essential Full Cave Diver
If you already are an Intro to Cave diver, this module will extend your knowledge of the overhead protocols. It will give you experience in additional topics only accessible to Full Cave divers such as rule of thirds as gas managment rule, complex navigation (jumps, Ts, gaps etc...)
Essential Full Cave Upgrade
Intro to cave is the second level of your overhead training and the most demanding. This is when we'll depart from the cavern zone and it's ambient light, to swim into the darkness of a cave. The bonus point in doing this class, is to prepare for the final and Full Cave portion but also to give you the fundation to be a good cave diver. It is encouraged to gain experience between Intro to Cave and Full Cave Diver prior to signing into the upgrade class.
Essential Intro to Cave Diver
With the Stage Cave Diver course, you will be able to extend your penetration in the caves while carrying an extra cylinder. This course is aimed at a beginner cave diver who has at least 30 logged cave dives in various caves and with different level of complexity.
Stage Cave DIver
The best way to cement your skills is to go pratice, go cave diving. What if you have me, mentoring you, filming your progress and we have a video review after all the guided dives you take with me?
Guided Cave Dives