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Essential Tech Diver Workshop


What equipment do I need?

What will I do?

Why would I want to take Essential Tech Diver?


While tec diving is knocking at the door, it is not new and was preceded by cave diving as the first form of technical diving. With the environment we get to dive here in Mexico, it makes us more demanding when it comes to trim, propulsion and buoyancy. By taking this training with us not only you will become a better diver but you will certainly enjoy and take more of you tech diver training when the time has come. Prepare yourself for Ovearhead training.



First day will be gear preparation and in-water straight. Most training can be done in freh water cenote as the conditions are ideal. A boat can be rented (additional charge) for ocean diving.


 Planning Deco dives on deco software and on paper (to confirm deco software)

Buoyancy - adjust your weight to the minimum in the environment you will dive

Valve drills and shut downs

Trim - position in the water column is important -

Propulsion Techniques: frog, flutter, shuffle & helicopter turn (will get to try to reverse frog kick!)

SMB - locate and deploy

Ascent - deco - NOTOX switches

Team communication - position and tools



Must be Advanced Open Water Diver

Must have at least 30 logged dives (50 recommended)

Be a Nitrox diver and a Deep diver

Minimum age 18 years


Prerequisites for the Tec Deep Diver:


Tech courses prerequisites vary (see individual course descriptions), but the following applies to anyone interested in technical diving: You must be


• 18 years or older

• A mature, responsible person who will follow the required procedures and requirements strictly and faithfully

• Medically fit for tec diving (physician’s signature required)

• Willing to accept the added risks that tec diving presents

• An experienced diver with at least 50 logged dives

• Certified as an Enriched Air Diver and Deep Diver or equivalent (for this program equivalency is proof of training in recreational deep diving down to 40 meters/130 feet consisting of at least four dives and training in nitrogen narcosis considerations, contingency/emergency decompression, making safety stops and air supply management OR, have a minimum of 20 logged dives deeper than 30 meters/100 feet.)

Very simply the configuration you are certified in. If you have basic backmounted doubles experience, just come over with all the gear to set up on doubles.

If you are certified using sidemount configuration and plan on taking a Tec Deep course, come over with your sidemoount  rig. Equipment tweaking is also the fun part of Essential Tech Training.


Download the PDF file to get a view at the Essential Equipment you'll need to join our training classes.