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Of course you can take your Full Cave Diver course while in Sidemount configuration. As long as you already have an Open Water Sidemount certification or have taken the Essential Sidemount Diver course with us.

At the Full Cave level you will learn the intricacy of complex navigation and also passing through restrictions, so sidemount comes into play very easily.


We recomment to use a sidemount only dedicated sidemount harness and BCD system. Most of the equipment available off the shelves are mixed use, sidemount and backmount, therefore they do not suit our prerequisite for overhead diving in sidemount configuration.


We do not force the sale of any equipment but we recomment you contact us if any queries of 'what to get'.



Full Cave Diver

The Graal of all overhead divers, the Full Cave certification! More than a certification the Full Cave diver has the training and equipment configuration to go in all overhead situations. Would it be a cave (dissolution, ice, lava), a wreck or a mine.

This is one of the reasons why wreck divers don't really like cave divers, it is because wreck divers can't dive caves but cave divers can dive wrecks! :)


The Full Cave diver course is very intensive, lasts on average eight days (minimum) and is the last module  of the overhead diver training. After completing the Full Cave course, divers can organise and conduct safe and very rewarding dives that not many divers in the World dare to.


If taken in modules, after successfull completion of the Intro to Cave segment, it is time to go practicing all the skills learned before signing for a Full Cave class. More than a good instructor, a cave is going to teach you a lot hence the importance of taking time to gain experience at a slow pace.


There is no room for cutting corners in cave diving. Training is demanding and the environment we dive in is hostile enough to keep our weets together and move on progressively.


Continued education is part of the journey and from the Cave diver cerification opens up a serie of Advanced cave techniques such as, Stage, Sidemount, Survey and Tec cave diver, to name a few!


Here, in the Riviera Maya you will dive in some of the largest and most decorated cave in the world. During you training you will probably dive in three to four different cave systems, leaving plenty more to discover on a guided tour.

When can I start?

Today! You have to be at least be eighteen years old, be Nitrox diver and own most of your equipment.

It is recommended to book ahead of time to ensure a seat in the next session. A maximum of three

divers per instructors is allowed by standards.


Usually a twenty pourcent (20%) deposit is preferable.

How can I prepare for my cave course?

The best preparation for your Full Cave training would be to go over Essential Training if you are not

coming from Cavern or Intro. It will help maximize your training time.

The first day is usually focused on theory in the morning and confined water and gear configuration

in the afternoon. At this stage I can evaluate your Trim-Buoyancy-Propulsion and tell you where you stand.


Self preparation is not recommended as you may not forsee what skill level is demanded for cave

training in Mexico and also it may built some bad habits difficult to deconstruct.

How am I evaluated?

All along your training and after each dive, you will be asked to debrief your performance and offer a set of solutions to correct errors and improve techniques. It is not possible to go through cave training without doing any errors!You will be put in a situation where mistakes are done and so to visualise, you'll deconstruct the process in order to learn from it.

ALL your dives are training dives. You are being evaluated all the time.

As much as your skills, your attitude and psycological approach to more and more complex situations will determine your success.

Course Outline



Introductory to Cave diver

At least 18 years of age

Have a minimum of 50 logged dives if Intro certified or a minimum of 100 logged dives

with no prior overhead environment training




Minimum 4 to 5 days which includes at least 8 hours of lectures, at least 1 confined

water session and no less than 8 cave dives.


Combo pack:

              Cavern to Full Cave (min 7 days - 16 dives)


Course Content:



Land drills

Confined water session

Cave Dives

Final exam (to pass you must obtain at least 80%)

Can I do it in Sidemount configuration?