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Intro To Cave Training

Intro to cave training is the main part of your overhead training. It is aimed at placing out of the cavern zone and right into cave environment. The Cavern diver and the Intro to Cave course are considered the most challenging as all the skills are being learned at that stage and then will be polished when taking the Full Cave diver training with its share of complex navigation and passing through a restriction.


It is possible to take both courses, Cavern and Intro as a combo. It really helps to see the 'big' picture of overhead diving and will be a really rewarding course to take on.


Once the skills are mastered it's time to go and have fun in the caves of the Mayan Riviera,

considered La Mequa of cave divers.

What does it take to be an Intro to Cave diver?

Divers wanting to become Intro to Cave diver can do so by joining with us on our programs. Yes, it is that simple!

Although the process is easy, getting certified as an Intro to Cave diver will certainly be the most demanding course so far. It is all down to mastering the essential skills of overhead diving, this is why Cavern and Intro are considered the most difficult as being the construction of the base, in view to proceed at later stage into Full Cave dviing.


Strong essential skills will maximise time in the water, so it is highly recommended to attend one of our Essential Scuba Training class to get prepared for the cave specific skills and drills. The cave line protocols have been seen during Cavern Diver training but at Intro to Cave level, these line protocols have to be 'digested' as it is an essential skill set to have to further your training as an overhead diver.

What type of equipment do I need for Intro?

You are expected to come with all your equipment, although it is possible to rent most of it once with us.

Not available to rent are, mask, fins (no split), 5/7mm suit (hood recommended) and cutting tool. As this course can be taken in sidemount configuration, if already sidemount diver, it is a good idea to contact us to choose your sidemount harness/BCD combo. See in our Sidemount Training page for more informations on gear selection.




Advanced Open Water or IANTD or be Cavern Diver certified

At least 18 years of age

Minimum of 25 logged dives




Minimum 4 to 5 days which includes at least 8 hours of lectures, at least 1 confined water session and no less than 8 dives in the overhead environment.

This course is combined with the cavern course. If you are already certified as a Cavern Diver we will simply do a review of your skills and knowledge and move on to the Intro to Cave section of the course.


Ask for our package:


Cavern & Intro to Cave


Course Content:


Land drills

Confined water session

Overhead environment dives

Final exam (to pass min 80%)

Course Outline

Essential Equipment List

Can I do it in Sidemount configuration?

Of course you can take your Intro to Cave Diver course while in Sidemount configuration. As long as you already have an Open Water Sidemount certification or have taken the Essential Sidemount Diver course with us, or, can proove of sufficient sidemount experience to enter the cave environment.


It is here to inroduce you to cave diving's rules and diving equipment configuration, so sidemount comes into play very easily.


We recomment to use a sidemount only dedicated sidemount harness and BCD system. Most of the equipment available off the shelves are mixed-use, sidemount and backmount, therefore they do not suit our prerequisite for overhead diving in sidemount configuration.


We do not force the sale of any equipment but we recomment you contact us if any queries of 'what to get'.



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