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Guided Dives & Organised Trips

When you decide to book with Essential Scuba Training (check our availability), be it Essential Diver Training, guided dives in the Indian Ocean or if you want to take a trip with us to the caves of Mexico and the crystal clear water of the reef of Cozumel, we will take particular care to your comfort throughout your stay and make sure you are fully satisfied.


Essential Scuba Training has bases both in Mexico and in Dubai. Traveling from Dubai to Cancun is not yet a direct flight but very soon, Etihad and Emirates will be linking the two destinations. So keep an eye out.


On a trip to Mexico, we will travel with you and take care of finding the best hotel/lodging that fits your needs and we'll have your scuba diving goodness all set up and ready for a next day start.


Once we have got the Green Light from the Custom Officers at Cancun International Airport, we'll proceed down the hall and pass in front of the tour operators desks and exit the Terminal (3). From there a shuttle will take us to the hotel.


Hopefully all our bags will be landing on the same day, with us.


Once checked out, off we go towards Playa del Carmen to find your hotel or apartment. A little road side tacos is always a good way to start your holidays, make sure to remind me to stop by and get some local snacks on the way. But be aware of the Moctezuma's Revenge. Trip to Puerto Aventuras, where our hotel is located, takes around forty five minutes.



When booking your packages, be aware that some reservation services offer larger rooms for bigger groups with a great way to save some $$$. Ask us for more details.


The first night I usually leave you rest and get ready for your fisrt day of diving. Usually, with the jet-lag, first night is short so we try to make it a not too long training day. Normal day starts at 9.00 and ends around 5.00/6.00pm


And this goes for all the training days. If you decide and we encourage you do so, to hire our services to take you cave, cavern or even reef diving after your training days, it is usually cut out in the same shcedule. Ferry trip to Cozumel can be a longer day but well worth it.


Now, if you come for guided dives we can work out a schedule more adapted to your holidays and better your scuba diving time. Depending on your package, one or two cenotes can be dived per day. It is generally a two dives per day pack. Check with us for details.



We will be located in Puerto Aventuras, twenty minutes from Playa del Carmen and ten minutes from a large variety of cenotes and cave systems. Puerto Aventuras is a marina and therefore we also have access to a large fleet of scuba diving boats.


Puerto Aventuras offers a wide range of accommodation from basic appartment to luxury hotels in All Inclusive packages.





Time to go diving!


If you come here for diving, I would also like to offer the possibility to rent my services as a guide for the entire time of your dive holidays.


There is nothing more rewarding than to make the way from your house/hotel to the filling station where we'll collect our tanks for the day and onto the dive site. Caves here are mostly fairly easy to find, the main ones that is!


Providing logistics is one of the reasons divers like to hire a guide. This way the headache is someonelse's.


We are lucky to live and work in Mexico. It is a country where guides are not legally required. So why bother?

Why not take your own diving, into your own hands?


Once certified cave diver with us, you will have a good understanding of the location and rules to pay your entrance fee at the cenote and find the permanent lines.


ONLY certified cave divers are allowed to go diving on their own. (In a team of two minimum)


For me, it is important to restore trust into this sport/business. Cave divers are responsible adults and should be treated as such. I think by offering a Part Time Guiding service, I can restore that trust. And who knows, gain some great experience in return! Friendship is built on trust, a community must thrive on trust.


So don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our Guiding experience, it will be our pleasure to serve you A la Carte.


When flying from Dubai, after more than ten hours of journey, you will enjoy being taken care off.




List of Cenote entrance fee

(prices in Mexican Pesos)


Chac Mool: 100 $MXN

Chikin Ha: 100 $MXN

Cristalino: 100 $MXN

Ponderosa: 80 $MXN

Minotauro: 150 $MXN*

Tajma Ha: 120 $MXN

Xunaan Ha: 80 $MXN*

Dos Palmas: 50 $MXN*

Dos Ojos: 150 $MXN

The Pit: 200 $MXN

Pet Cemetery: 250 $MXN

Dreamgate: 150 $MXN

Nohoch: 150 $MXN*

Fenomeno: 200 $MXN*

White River: 250 $MXN*

Casa Cenote: 40 $MXN

Calavera: 120 $MXN

Grand Cenote: 120 $MXN

Carwash: 120 $MXN

Cristal: 150 $MXN*

Mayan Blue: 150 $MXN*

Angelita: 200 $MXN

Chan Hol: 150 $MXN*


(*) Cave Diving Only


Prices are subject to change

How to get to Mexico from Dubai?

Flying nowadays has never been so easy. With the convenience of Dubai International Airport and it's huge fleet of A380, the scuba diving world is yours.

So far Emirates Airlines do not have yet a direct flight from Dubai to Cancun but from what I read in the international press, this will happen very soon. Until then, we need to either fly private or take a couple of flights to arrive to sunny, lush green Mexican jungle and white sand, turquoise ocean.


The best way to enjoy your scuba/cave diving trip to Mexico with us, would be to book a package flight+hotel. Cancun is a hub of "All Inclusive" hotels where you can relax and only concentrate on your scuba diving. The hotel takes care of preparing food and having the drinks always ready for you. Alcohol is available but not an obligation.

We have a hotel of preference once in Mexico and it is Dreams Resort located only few minutes from the first cenote/caves and nestled in a creek with an astonishing view on the Caribbean sea. Also, the Hotel Catalonia Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras offers a relaxing atmosphere and readily available shuttle service to and from the airport (to be booked in advance - ask us for more details).


Have a look at or for your hotel+flight package. For example a package of flight and hotel included from Dubai to Cancun,  should go around 12000AED/person.


Connecting flights are either from JFK New York or ATL Atlanta. Direct from Dubai to those destinations. Flight takes around 13 hours, so get well hydrated, take comfy pillows and if you can, book in First Class so you can rest properly most of the journey.


Total trip takes around 20 hours from DXB to CUN in Mexico.


In terms of baggage allowance, Emirates has one of the world's most generous baggage policies. Economy Class customers can check in 30kg, Business Class travellers 40kg and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 50kg of checked baggage... So now, that is some real estate for our scuba diving gear :)


As for the connecting flight from JFK for example, operated by JetBlue: Each customer may bring one bag free of charge. Each bag must NOT exceed 62 inches (157.48 centimeters) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) and CANNOT exceed 50 pounds (22.68 kg).

A fee of US$50 to be paid for an additional bag with the limit of 22.68KG as well. So a total of 45KG from Dubai to Cancun, with these carriers will not cost you more than US$50... A bargain considering the distance travelled.


Keep in mind these numbers may change so please, contact your travel agency and make sure in advance that there are no hidden extras. When the interest to travel with us to Mexico arises, send us an email and we will assist you in bookings and other reservation.