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Stage Cave Diver

This course is intended to develop your  skills to be able to extend your cave penetration and allow you safe execution and planning of more complex dive plans.

It is a good idea to take the time to reach this level as a cave diver. Comfort zone is a common term that you've probably already hear about. Pushing your limits is what a training course like Stage Cave Diving or Cave Sidemount Diving made for.


All the training I offer is safe and adapted to your need/level of experience and comfort.


Many beginner cave divers are eager to go too far too quick and they won't have the experience to back themselves up if a real emergency arises, past a restriction, 3000ft/900m from the exit. So I recommend doing around 20 to 25 dives in between each training program.


Cementing your hard leanerd skills is very important and really a life or death situation if you apply this concept to overhead/cave diving.


What will you learn

I will help you develop the skills and knowledge to plan and execute safe cave stage dives. This class will be an introduction to longer cave dies and therefore, fruther penetration distance in the cave. As well as much more complex navigation than the one done at basic cave level.

These factors are to be taken seriously as they depend on your safety.

Possible decompression obligation will be met due to longer exposure at depth. It is a good time to bring your deco knowledge out or if neede, this course can be combined with Deco Procedure.

Of course, sidemount being my favourite way of diving caves, I'd rather you are already a cave sidemount diver but it is not mandatory. There is always room for you if you prefer diving doubles. In this case, the frist day we spend together I will also be in backmounted configuration. Mainly to do the demonstration in your configuration. Once all the demos are done, I will most likely jump back into my superman outfit and finish the course in sidemount configuration. It is also a good way for you to "see" another way of doing it.


In addition to all equipment required at the TDI (Full) Cave Diver level, each candidate will be provided with a single tanks (AL80) and an in-water decompression cylinder properly marked if needed to execute the planned dive. Each candidate must have the adequate set of regulators to execute any planned stage dives.



Can I do this course in sidemount also?

What does it take to pass

Stage Cave Diver certification is of a high level. Not every diver is ready for this challenge. When I say "up for this challenge" it is not to attract thrill seekers. What I mean by that is that I prefer you aquire solid experience of your basic fundamentals prior to enrolling in this course. I would recommend at least 25 cave dives, half of them being complex navigation dives.

So, in two words, you want to be certified you will have to EARN IT!


I will be very demanding on the basic skills - buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques have to be mastered at that level. No slack will be allowed. Above all, your cave diver awareness needs to be above average.

All skills will be practiced in the confined water area then practical application will take place. Surprise drills, complex dive plans and complex navigation skills will be part of the training and evaluation.

A written exam requiring an 80% of good answer to pass is on the menu.


There is only a PASS or FAIL at this level.




Prerequisites: TDI, IANTD, NACD or NSS-CDS Full Cave diver or equivalent.


Certifications Available: TDI.


This course may be combined with TDI Extended Range Diver training.


Stage cave diver cylinders Stage cave diver