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It is important for me to know what you think of my training, guiding or any other services you rent from me. Thanks to some volunteers, I will sample a bit of their words to share with you their thoughts of the time spent in Mexico with me. I hope you enjoy it and it you want your testimonial to appear, contact me and I will add it with great honour and pleasure. If you haven't been here with me, then Contact me to arrange your next holidays in Mexico.


Jason Renoux

Tech & Cave Instructor - Cave Diver Guide at Essential Scuba Training

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Jose Hernandez Abenza, Spain


El curso de buceo en sidemount en los Cenotes de Mexico con Jason Renoux fue algo que superó todas las espectativas. Un instructore de buceo en cuevas y sidemount del mas alto nivel  trabajando todo el día conmigo, con la repetición  continua de los ejercicios hasta conseguir su ejecución automática, y que todo se hiciera sin perder trimming, flotabilidad ni aleteo correcto fué lo que mas me hizo mejorar. También la primacía que dieron a los ejercicios de seguridad, S-drill, Valve drill,seguir línea a ciegas, coordinación con el compañero, consciencia del medio, situación, etc. Algo impresionante fue la filmación en video de todas las prácticas y buceos y su revisión con ellos al final del día. Videos que continúo revisando casi cada día.

En conclusión, el curso fué la experiencia mas impresionante de mi vida, aparte de situaciones íntimas.Y es  una experiencia que pienso continuar en unos meses para seguir mejorando.


Runar Saether Tech Instructor, Tech and Cave diver, Sweden


I had the pleasure of not only completing my 'intro to cave' training with Essential Scuba, but also to come back as a Full Cave diver for a few weeks of guided pleasure dives in the beautiful cave systems of the Yucatan peninsula. Jason is a very professional instructor with a strong emphasis on safety and how to carefully and gradually develop your own skills, comfort zone and understanding of the cave environment, and thereby the type of dives and dive sites you choose to dive. He's also a real knowledgeable guide and truly passionate about the caves of the area. Apart from that a fun and great guy to be around and someone to trust as a dive partner. Both the training and guiding comes highly recommended.


Leigh Stone, Seattle, USA, Cave Diver


I just want to pass along my recommendation for diving with Essential Scuba. When you want to see the wonders of the Mayan underworld theres no substitute. Jason Renoux is a well informed and accommodating guide. We visited 9 different systems during my stay and even scouted a bit for new sites. Jason makes the logistics easy and exciting along with the ease of diving with a friend. I would recommend him to anyone and will dive with him again.

Angie, New York USA, Cavern Diver


In a word, Jason was awesome. Super nice & funny guy, open to any and every question I had (and I had many), he kept me on task when I needed to focus, and kept the mood light when I was feeling the stress of dealing with such a challenging course. The previous descriptions I had read definitely had it right - this course was tough and humbling, probably more so because I am pretty inexperienced in diving still. Although Jason was definitely very thorough, he was open to suggestion and modified things as needed to fit both my diving abilities as well as my learning style through the course. He was very patient and encouraging, and I looked forward to each day of the course despite the difficulties I had.


So to sum up, Jason was totally awesome, cavern diving was incredible, and I cannot wait to get back there. If anyone has advice on how to become an American expat living/working down in the Mayan Riviera while diving at every opportunity, please feel free to PM me =)


Will Smith, UK, Sidemount cave diver


while inMexico i had arranged to have 2 days guided cave dives with Jason Renoux. Jason had been reccomended to me by my sidemount instructor back here in the UK. Right from the off Jason was quick to respond to my mail and very helpful on all diving matters that were asked of him. i was lucky as i was staying close to Jasons house so he picked me up on our first day, we headed to Nohoch Nah Chich for our first dive. once there jason showed me round and told me about the system which i found very informative, we then got on with the real reason we were there....cave diving!!!! we had two great dives and after the dives jason spoke of things he had pointed out along the way which being newly qualified i found very interesting (i think i would have even if i had been cave diving for years to be honest). The second day Jason picked me up and took me to the local Tacho stop (ha ha, now he must buy everyone tachos) we then headed to Chan Hol for our dives. This was a different kind of cave to the previous day with a low bedding plane (well to me it was low), this was also a great days diving - but hey i was in Mexico what would you expect. Jason made the 2 days very informative and enjoyable and i cant thank him enough from start to finish for all his help.

Krai Chatarama, USA, Cave Diver


From the moment I was met by Jason, I was at ease. The morning of my first day was comprised of gear configuration. Jason painstakingly took me through every aspect of the set up leaving no screws unturned. There were reasons to every aspect of the set-up from the BCD (Razor Bat Wing), regulators (Apeks XTX50), fine choice, wet/dry suit, bolt snap, hose length/type etc. It really was a made-to-measure fitting. Once in the water, I felt as comfortable as I could be. A feeling that I never had in the numerous pool sessions that I had previously using other major equipment supplied.

With sidemount, I learned the importance of correct weighting, neutral buoyancy, trim, position, orientation and breathing control like I never experienced before. A few minutes with Steve will expose your diving technique flaws that would need correction. There is no substitute from building on a good platform. Especially when an Intro to Cave course beckoned.

The subsequent 6 days of Intro to Cave course was truly exceptional. Each day was long, arduous with endless theories, land drills and dives. However, they were all conducted with enthusiasm and with a great deal of fun. Safe practice is paramount and practice makes permanent. I was put through my paces with all the drills with increasing complexity. Never would I ever believe that I would become a friend with a black mask! There are many Intro to Cave courses out there. However, I did not see the level of thought, care, and attention paid to students like Steve and Jason did. Instructors, training quality, location and feedback make a great course. With Steve/Jason, in the Cenotes of Puerto Aventuras, tailored training and video feedback, you will be hard pressed to better this elsewhere!

In conclusion, I could not thank Steve and Jason enough in making me a better diver and for introducing me to the new world of sidemount and caves. For those of you reading this, my advice is that if you want to acquire new diving skills especially with sidemount, contact Steve and Jason. They are amongst the best in the business. Their tailored training course will accommodate you all. It is time to de-myth the sidemount. As for the cave, well if they can make someone who could barely frog-kick properly a cave diver, anyone else can too!