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All the courses that I offer are sanctioned by the training agency TDI, IANTD, RAID and teh DIR courses are taught under the UTD banner. TDI offers the best educational support for overhead training and is working with us closely to develop more training goodies! :) As for RAID and UTD, they both have a very good online presence. Almost no carbon footprint :)


This gallery is mainly here to share with you what is available with me at Essential Scuba Training. I teach cave diving mainly but still enjoy a dive in the sea, even if too much salt water is not good for the gear :)


What courses do I offer?

Here is a list of the all the training and diving services I offer.


All courses have a very detailed description in it's respective page. If you feel the need for more Information, I highly recommend to contact me via


From Open Water Sidemount to Cave Stage Sidemount Diver, when choosing Essential Scuba Training for advancing your general scuba diving skills, rest assured that I will make sure to apply my 20 years of experience in the insdtry with a solid 6 years experience in diving the caves from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. I love diving using sidemount configuration, I think it leaves you more freedom and adaptability as well as a real redundancy in your life support equipment. Although, I am not against diving in doubles and have started my training with the prestigious and well recognise training agency that is GUE.


Here a short list of what I can offer you and keep in mind that:


"If you don't go, you won't know."  Rober de Niro